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Wild Ark Mobile

Wild Ark Mobile enables zoo visitors to access and interact with content at exhibits using iPod Touches.

Wild Ark Mobile can deliver multiple content streams suitable for different audiences at any given location. Providing an easy-to-use content creation tool, zoos can quickly create and update multimedia content for visitors to access.

Mission Nova is an education based game that has been developed to showcase Wild Ark Mobile and to demonstrate the capabilities of the digital content platform. Mission Nova is an interactive quest for school students that incorporates game play and narrative to explore wildlife conservation themes.

Nova is a recently discovered planet and the Mission Nova Commander is launching an expedition to find out if it is habitable for Earthʼs animals.

Using iPod Touches, students follow clues, uncover information and recruit animals to crew the spaceships that make up the expedition.

Wild Ark Online

Wild Ark Online is designed to extend the wildlife experience of the zoo through creative play, education and real world engagement.

Kids can play Wild Games and create their own Wild Avatar to meet other kids who are part of the Wild Ark community.

Through the Animal Actioneer program kids earn the right to Adopt An Animal. This gives them privileged access to behind the scenes information and invitations to activities at their local zoo and in their local community.

Kids create and personalise their own My Habitat page where they can subscribe to news feeds, join animal clubs and post photos, video clips and create scrap book art of their wildlife experiences. Kids are passionate about wildlife and Wild Ark Online gives them the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

About The Project

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