Wild Ark

Connects, inspires and empowers young people to take an active role in wildlife conservation.

Wild Ark Mobile

Enables visitors to access and interact with content at exhibits using handheld mobile devices.

Delivers multiple content streams suitable for different audiences at any given location. Quickly create rich content with our easy-to-use content creation tool.

Wild Ark Online

Designed to extend the wildlife experience of the zoo through creative play, education and real world engagement

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Mission Nova

An example of a Wild Ark Mobile trail where visitors access and interact with content at exhibits using an iPod Touch.

Mission Nova is an interactive and education based quest for visiting school students that incorporates game play and narrative to explore wildlife conservation themes.

Nova is a recently discovered planet and the Mission Nova Commander is launching an expedition to find out if it is habitable for Earth’s animals. Using iPod Touches, students follow clues, uncover information and recruit animals to crew the spaceships that make up the expedition.

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My Habitat

Kids create and personalise their own My Habitat page.

They can choose from different habitats such as My Nest, My Cocoon, or My Burrow.

Kids subscribe to news feeds, join animal clubs and post photos, video clips and create scrapbook art of their wildlife experiences.

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My Adoptions

As an Animal Actioneer kids can Adopt An Animal, giving privileged access to behind the scenes info and activities in their local zoos and communities.

Regular updates track new developments on their adopted animal including exclusive video footage.

Kids can join the Animal Club of their adopted animal and participate in behind the scenes activities, like being given the first chance to name new arrivals at the zoo.

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